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Hi, i'm Cayla

I am a work from home mom of 2 girls. i am engaged to my fiancé of 5 years. we are die hard  Florida gator fans and love football season. I like scary movies and rom coms. my favorite past time is crafting. anything I can do with my hands and get creative. in 2021 i decided to take my hobby and make things that i could share with others that they would love just as much as i do. that is why i started my small business. it means the world to me that you're here. we appreciate all the love and support and are truly thankful!

I'm happy to see you
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in 2021 i got the idea to start my business when i was crafting on a random day. i have always loved crafting. i love getting creative and being able to express myself in my projects. i find it is a way to destress and get out of my head. when we started this business i had also just had my daughter months before. being a new mom and have lots of free time  lead me to make many projects. i just couldnt house them all in my home so i thought if i sold them others could enjoy them too. what started out as small crafts has flourished into adding more and more items that reflect my style. we still have all our handmade items like candles, wax melts, freshies, tumblers and t shirts but we have now added boutique clothing, Jewlery, hats and more. 

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My top Five

home activities


crafting and getting creative


cozy up with a soft blanket and watch horror movies


playing with my kids


hosting for our friends and family



Image by Courtney Cook



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